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Plumtree Pet Services provides cremation and burial services for your pet or domestic animals up to 400 pounds. Let us help you determine your alternatives for your loved household pet, bird, goat, llama, mini-horses, or other beloved animal for whom you want loving and careful care.
Make a Thoughtful Decision... There is no need to make your choices immediately. Plumtree will hold your pet up to 10 days from pickup, and would be pleased to discuss any questions you may have.
We serve the Aiken-Augusta area and surrounding communities. We provide regular pickup at many area veterinarians at no charge. We also provide home pickup for $30 to $50 depending on distance.
Here are some thoughts that might help you through this difficult time.
Cemetery Burials… Plumtree Farm can provide interment of your pet in our forest cemetery. Cost of burial includes opening/closure of gravesite.
We provide continual care of the gravesite. Markers and caskets available. Call for details.

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Home Burial…
Or Casket Purchase
If you prefer to inter your pet at home or at one of our cemeteries, we feature Pet Caskets. They are attractively designed in many sizes up to 40 inches. The caskets may be fitted with an optional mattress, pillow and lace trimmed blanket. Granite monuments and markers are also available.

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Is Home Burial Right For You… Over the years, many of our own beloved pets have been buried in a special spot in the backyard, but moving to new homes has left us only with the hope they will remain undisturbed. For this and many other reasons, home burial may not be suitable to your needs and circumstances.
Cremation, an Alternative... Cremation is simply an acceleration of the natural processes, using intense heat to refine the body into its basic elements. This is accomplished using clean, environmentally safe, state of the art equipment; operated by fully licensed and certified technicians.
Your pet’s cremains (ashes) may be returned to you or scattered at the crematorium.
We are a full service provider and will try to address all your needs.
  • Your pet may be picked up from your home or veterinarians office. You or your vet may contact us for pickup. There is an extra charge for home pickup.
  • You will be called to validate all arrangements unless you specify that you do not wish to be contacted.
  • A certificate of cremation will be mailed or returned with cremains.
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Cremains may be returned in a temporary plastic urn. A selection of permanent urns is also available, at an additional cost.
Fees, Scheduling, and the Process...

Prices effective June 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

Pet owners need never handle ashes. All cremains are returned in a urn.

You may provide an urn or container of your choice, purchase one from us, or receive the cremains in our heart-shaped temporary urn.

Private Cremation (includes temporary urn). Only your pet is placed in the crematory chamber. Pets over 75 pounds are ALL cremated privately. The cremains are returned within seven days.
  • Private Under 100 pounds $185
  • Private Over 100 pounds $225
  • Private Over 150 pounds $250
Communal Cremation. Two or more small pets are placed in the crematory chamber, and removed individually as the cremation is finished. Some commingling may occur due to the nature of air flow in the chamber. There may be a delay of a few days until a group of pets is available for a communal cremation.

If you do not wish your pets cremains returned, we recommend communal cremation due to the lower cost.

  • Communal Under 25 pounds $100
  • Communal 25 to 50 pounds $115
  • Communal 51 to 75 pounds $130
Payment... We accept local checks, cash, Visa and MasterCard.
Standards and Ethics... In keeping with ethical business guidelines, Plumtree does not provide wholesale services, rebates or incentives to Veterinarians, but works professionally with participating vets to assist bereaved pet owners.
The terms “Private Cremation” and “Communal Cremation” as described are intended to protect the consumer from misleading or fraudulent representation of services.